How many people should be on your guest list?

How Many People Should Be On Your Guest List?

Planning a wedding can seem like a daunting task. Between finding a venue, sending invitations, hiring a photographer, choosing a dress- there is lots to consider during this process. Deciding on the ideal size or guest count of your wedding is a good place to start as this will dictate many of the decisions that you will be faced with such as location, entertainment and menu.

When it comes to planning a wedding, sometimes less can be more. Each couple is different, some couples are highly social, while others are more low key. Some prefer to celebrate with 400 guests, while others prefer a small intimate gathering of 40 guests. Whatever your preference is, it’s important that you and your husband-to-be are both on the same page before you begin making any arrangements.

Decide on the optimal number of guests that will allow you to feel comfortably enjoy your wedding day without excluding anyone that you want to share your wedding day with.

Next, determine the budget. It’s important to not let your emotions get the best of you when planning your wedding, this applies to the number of guests that you invite because it will increase your overall expenditures.  While you want to make this a special day, you also want to be conscious of your budget. Take a look at the Knot’s tips for keeping your wedding budget in check.

Couples can sometimes feel pressured to invite family friends or distant relatives. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t seen the person in the last 10 years, they do not need to be on your guest list.  

There are definitely pros to having a big wedding- when else will you have your cousins, colleagues and neighbors all celebrating with you under the same roof? On the other hand, a big wedding can feel impersonal. You might not have the chance to say hello to many of your guests, let alone spend any quality time with them so take this into consideration when putting your guest list together. Additionally, a smaller guest list will save you time when it comes time to doing your seating chart.

Remember that generally about 70% of guests that you invite will be able to attend. However, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan for extra guests that did not RSVP.

Happy planning!

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