Everything you need to know about bridal bouquets

Everything You Need To Know About Bridal Bouquets

Flowers have played an integral role in wedding ceremonies for centuries. Dating back to ancient Greece, flowers and herbs were entwined to make a crown for the bride and symbolized a gift from nature. In fact, years and years ago, it was common for brides to carry bulbs of garlic in their bouquets. Thankfully, garlic is no longer quite as popular as its more olfactorily-friendly counterpart, the flower.

A bridal bouquet is the ultimate accessory. This is a special piece of your wedding that can be customized to incorporate your favorite blooms and heirlooms. It is also a chance for you to show your personality. Don’t be afraid to get creative here, after all it is your big day!

A few things to consider when choosing the perfect bouquet:

  • Co-ordinating the color of your dress with your flowers is important. If possible, try and bring a swatch of your dress fabric with you to the florist.
  • Make it your own, incorporating a family heirloom or a flower with sentimental meaning is a great way to create something that is special and unique for you.
  • Take the size and shape of your dress into account when selecting your bouquet. You want something that will complement your dress, without obstructing it.
  • Your bouquet may need a little refreshing midway through the day. Try trimming a small amount off the bottom of the stems, no more than an inch, and place in water. This will rejuvenate your blooms and keep them looking fresh long after the last guest has gone home!



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