Prestige Leather Cleaning Specialists

Our preservationists are some of the best specialists in the business when it comes to cleaning wedding gowns, but did you also know that thousands of dry cleaners count on our preservationists to help them on items that they don’t have the equipment or expertise to clean?

Leather and Suede garments, boots, and hand bags require special care in cleaning and refinishing. Our specialists have years of experience and solid relationships with the major manufacturers of fine leather and suede apparel. Those relationships are based on a common goal to provide outstanding customer service by standing behind their products and services, and by providing garment testing, repairs and refinishing to manufacturers and retailers. These relationships count when it comes to satisfying their customers, whether they are working to find lost buttons or the right color zipper to repair a coat.

When your leather or suede garment goes through the process, it is thoroughly inspected for stains, such as coffee stains or ground in dirt from wear. Once a stain is identified, it is pre-spotted to remove the stain and then cleaned. After the garment is thoroughly cleaned, it is inspected once more to see if the stain and soil has been successfully removed.

If there is soil or staining that remains after the initial cleaning, the garment is again pre-spotted and re-cleaned. There are some stains that may not come out entirely or sometimes stains damage the color of the area of the garment.  This is where our specialists really begin to work their magic!

Each garment is conditioned and redyed if necessary. Re-dying is done on site, using special dyes made for leather and suedes. This is where only an expert will know what dyes to mix to get the perfect match for your garment. The experts can redye your garment to cover wear and tear as well as cover color damage due to stains and sun fading.  Once the garment has been refinished either by reconditioning and/or redying, it is ready to wear.

Our specialists can also handle repairs and alterations to your leather and suede garments from repairing tears, replacing linings and zippers. All to help you keep your garments looking great and retaining their value.

If you have used one of our Prestige Preservation Specialists to clean and preserve your wedding gown, keep them in mind when it comes to handling your other precious garments and household items.

For more information about the other services they provide, visit their websites or call the Prestige Preservation Specialist in your area.