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How To Choose the Perfect Venue for your Wedding

Depending on where you live, ideal wedding venues can be limited which makes it that much more competitive when locking one down. In most areas, venues book up fast! We recommend reserving your venue at least 9-12 months in advance. Before you settle on a venue, here are a few things you’ll want to consider:

Will this be a local or destination wedding?

Will the event be formal or informal?

Will it take place during the day or night?

Will it be indoors or outdoors?

What is my budget?

What is my estimated guest count?


Once you have nailed down these details, you are ready to start making appointments to check out venues. Most venues will have a dedicated Event Coordinator on staff who can assist you with the planning process. When meeting with the Event Coordinator, have a list of questions prepared such as:

What catering options does the venue offer?

Does the venue provide tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware?

Will the venue provide signage to direct guests?

Will there be adequate parking and/or transportation for guests?

Does the venue offer coat check?


Here are a few tips to help you when searching for the perfect venue:

Do your research. Find out as much information as possible about the venue.

Be sure to read online reviews and bring up anything that you find concerning to your Event Coordinator.

Go in with a list of potential dates. This will increase your odds of finding an available venue.

Take pictures when you do a venue walk through and be sure to take notes. This will help you sort through and narrow down your list of potential venues later on.

Look at the entire venue, not just the specific area where your wedding would be. Check out the kitchen, restroom and other amenities. This will give you a good idea of the overall quality of the venue.

Get a proposal in writing, this will give you an idea of what the total cost will be and help reduce any surprise costs that might arise.

Once you decide on a venue, be sure to sign the contract and submit your deposit right away. This will ensure that your reservation is secure.

Happy planning!

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